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Biggest & Smallest Projects

Wood Is Good has been operating for 5 years. Here are different types of projects I've done:

Biggest Project:

Rebuilding sections of a 2 story wall that was damaged by a fire in the brick fireplace.
It was a 150 year old house in Princeton. with old studs of different sizes and angles.

I tore down the damaged walls both inside and out and rebuilt them completely, working around the brick fireplace & chimney.

While the walls were open a subcontractor filled them with sprayed foam insulation.

The photos show the before & after

Afterschool Woodworking

As many of you know, preschool teaching was my first career for 13 years. After taking 2 1/2 years off from teaching, to start my business, I’ve returned to teaching with an afterschool woodworking class at the Jewish Community Day School in Watertown, MA. Its been great to be back working with young people again. As an added bonus, two girls in this woodworking class were in my Gimmel class 5 years ago! And I taught them woodworking there as well.

Mighty Mortise and Tenon

Hi again follks,

Today I finished the second tenon on the bench of the window seat.

A tenon is the end of a piece of wood that has been made skinnier so that it can fit into a matching mortise in another piece of wood. Hundreds of years ago, before metal was easily available, most wood joints were made with mortises & tenons. These joints are very strong and usually last as long as the wood.

Parlee Lumber

Hi Everybody,

I just went to get thick pine slabs at Parlee Lumber. They are an actual saw mill - the place is rough cut just like most of their lumber. 20 foot tall stacks of boards are placed all around the yard. Logging trucks are parked up on the right. The machinery appears old and rusty but is still very functional.

I went there with my good customer Howard, who was very excited to help pick out the pine slabs to be used in building his window seat.

The customer service is AWESOME now that I’ve been there 4 or 5 times. Ron has helped me most of the time.

My Favorite Cordless Tool

Hi folks,

Welcome to my first blog entry. I've been wanting to post this for a year now ---- so here goes:

I've gotten some great cordless drills from Makita, but my favorite cordless tool is actually my racheting screwdriver, click on the link below.

What I love about my racheting screwdriver:

It can fit in my pocket - it does have to be a large pocket.

It can reach into small spaces and holes to loosen screws.

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