Rich's Woodworking


I enjoy designing and building unusual pieces for my customers. I can work from photographs of other pieces, as in the table-top bench with the purple flower, or I can meet with you and help design a piece such as the black hallway mirror. I also do custom shelving.

Steph's Mirror, closed Curvy Hooks

Catherine Altar

Handy Man

Attic, before Attic, after


Steph's Mirror, closed Steph's Mirror, open

A customer had a big electrical panel in her front entryway. She had the idea of covering it with a mirror and coat hooks. Working together we came up with this design that is beautiful and functional, covering the panel and swinging open to provide full access when necessary.

Curvy hooks

Curvy Hooks

Why use straight lines when a graceful curve can be used for more beauty? Call or email me for your custom coat hooks.

Catherine Altar

Catherine Altar

Catherine asked me to copy this design from a catalog, but make it larger and use some Australian wood that she picked out (Sydney Blue Gum).

Corner Table

Corner Table

I designed this table for a small dining room. in my former home. It took advantage of a corner that was otherwise unused.

Custom Toys & Novelties

Race Car 70, lit up

I can make any kind of wooden toy or puzzle that you OR your child dreams up. I can work from sketches or talk with you directly.

Custom Shelving

Closet Shelving

Wonderful Closet Shelving!

Floorboard Shelving

Kitchen Shelving

Pine Heart Furniture

One of Rich's favorite materials is large sections of pine trees cut at a local sawmill. This gorgeous table was made with one solid slab of a pine tree.


It comes apart, since the customer wants to take it on the road to festivals.


This custom window seat fits perfectly under an attic skylight

Attic Window Seat

Rich's most recent work is a lovely window seat coated with a thick layer of durable epoxy. The owners, in Clinton, Mass., keep raving about its beauty.

Window Seat