Give me a call, for jobs large or small

Below is a partial list of jobs I can do for you.



Changing light bulbs in hard to reach places

Caulking or weatherstripping drafty areas




Baseboard & Trim Installation

Rich can replace rotted wood trim boards on the outside of your home. He's happy to use solid wood or PVC trim boards which are made entirely of plastic. The PVC is ideal for areas that are often wet or have had rot damage repeatedly over the years.

Inside your house, Rich can install baseboards, crown molding, door & window trim (known as casing in the trades).

Door Repair

A door that won't close or lock properly is a small but continual annoyance. Rich can work his magic on your entry door, hallway door - he's even fixed oven doors!

Kitchen Counter Renovation

Sawing the counter

This kitchen is so small, I had to saw the countertop in half to remove it.

Counter done


Rich Painting

Most doors i can paint in less than 30 minutes for both sides. I enjoy the quiet satisfaction of painting as a break from working with noisy power tools. Please call if you have just one room to paint, touchups to do throughout the house or you need a whole floor of the house painted.

Porch Door Installation

The latest screen doors have a screen that rolls itself up into a small compartment at the top of the door when you slide the window up. No longer do you need to change out the screen in the fall and spring.

Call me to price out a door and installation.

Porch Railings

Porch Railing

I built this railing to match others in the neighborhood. No one can tell that it was put in a year after the other ones.

Pot Rack Installation

Pot Rack

Ceiling installations are no problem.