Catios - Outdoor spaces for indoor cats

Missy enjoys the view through the screen on one end of her catio.

Indoor cats finally have a way to enjoy the outdoors while remaining safel. Whether you live on a 2nd or 3rd floor of a building or you live near a busy street, a catio is the perfect way to give your cat access to fresh air and the fascinating sights outside your home.

Rich Kramer can build and install a catio on an existing screened in porch or terrace, or create a screened-in area on your open air porch or deck. He can add climbing structures, perches, scratching posts and more. He is happy to work with you to design the perfect play space for your cat(s).

Catios were written up in the June 16, 2010 edition of the New York Times. Read more about them here.

Corner Catio Structure Corner Catio Structure

The climbing structure allows Missy to get a close look at what's going on at the ceiling, and provides a good resting and observation spot for Maya.

"A testimonial from a satisfied customer:

I’m a southern transplant to the Boston/New England Yankee do it your self home improvement NIGHTMARES. After literally two decades of trying to find an honest hardworking and creative handyman who saves me money and time, rather than costing more and more of both, I finally found RICHARD KRAMER, the extraordinary wood working founder of Wood is Good.

Richard Kramer took my custom "Catio" idea right from the pages of the New York Times. He designed, prototyped, built and installed all on budget, all in one week! Wow!

Of all the home improvement projects I've ever taken on, Richard Kramer of Wood is Good produced a stand out shining success. Our cats love their new "Catio" and us humans live sitting on our screened in terrace with our two cats as they stroll and nap around us.

Thank you

Howard, Dot, Cam

P.S Maya and Missy thank you so much too!"