Rich Kramer, Handyman & Woodworker
Licensed and Insured

I'm happy to do large jobs or take care of the small things that are bothersome: Cracks in the wall, doors that squeak, drawers that don't close right.

Give me a call, for jobs large or small

Below is a partial list of jobs I can do for you.


  • Doors that don't close right.
  • Walls & ceilings
  • Furniture
  • Exterior or Interior Trim


  • A single room, two rooms or 3 rooms
  • Hallway
  • Touching up a damaged area

Changing light bulbs in hard to reach places

Caulking or weatherstripping drafty areas


  • Furniture from Ikea or other companies.
  • Children's play sets.


  • shelves - basements, garages, anywhere in the home
  • Countertops & sinks


  • Mirrors
  • Pictures - hung level & spaced just right