My Favorite Cordless Tool

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Hi folks,

Welcome to my first blog entry. I've been wanting to post this for a year now ---- so here goes:

I've gotten some great cordless drills from Makita, but my favorite cordless tool is actually my racheting screwdriver, click on the link below.

What I love about my racheting screwdriver:

It can fit in my pocket - it does have to be a large pocket.

It can reach into small spaces and holes to loosen screws.

It gives me a LOT of leverage. I can drive a 2 1/2 inch screw into a wall stud with a bit of elbow grease. DO NOT try this with a regular screw driver!

No batteries needed! Just a good lunch for myself.

Easily changes direction from tighten to loosen.

Shrinks down to fit into tight spaces. I just used it to take a part off my bandsaw - way under the table.

I think its great tool to have around the home. GIve it a try.


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