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Hi Everybody,

I just went to get thick pine slabs at Parlee Lumber. They are an actual saw mill - the place is rough cut just like most of their lumber. 20 foot tall stacks of boards are placed all around the yard. Logging trucks are parked up on the right. The machinery appears old and rusty but is still very functional.

I went there with my good customer Howard, who was very excited to help pick out the pine slabs to be used in building his window seat.

The customer service is AWESOME now that I’ve been there 4 or 5 times. Ron has helped me most of the time.

Ron brought us over to the small shed where the big pieces of pine are kept. Its like a treasure room for me and Howard. These 2 inch thick pieces of pine are stacked in there with the bark still on the edges. Each one has the raw potential to be a beautiful piece of art or furniture. We’d like to take them all home…

Ron helps us pull through the pile piece by piece as we try to find the perfect one that matches the vision we have in our heads. It takes 2 people to lift a slab from one side of the tiny shed to the other. Its hard to keep our balance as we heave the pine around.

We find one perfect piece that is 12 feet long. Ahhhh

We need one more piece 5 feet long to complete our journey.

Ron tells us there may be one more suitable piece way up in another shed. Did I mention that Ron loves to use colorful language? Only about the wood and the machines though. He was very patient with Howard and I as we considered each piece of wood and asked all kinds of questions.

A few minutes later Ron has moved about 2 tons of wood with the help of his giant fork lift. We are gazing at 4 more gorgeous tree slices. THERE! that’s the one with the sinuous, multi colored grain lines.

We go to the planing machine and 2 helpers appear out of nowhere. With a roar, the planer shaves off the top layer of the board and reveals even more of the beauty of the tree.

Soon the wood is in Howard station wagon and we’re off for my workshop……….

More to follow