Mighty Mortise and Tenon

Rich Kramer, Handyman & Woodworker
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Hi again follks,

Today I finished the second tenon on the bench of the window seat.

A tenon is the end of a piece of wood that has been made skinnier so that it can fit into a matching mortise in another piece of wood. Hundreds of years ago, before metal was easily available, most wood joints were made with mortises & tenons. These joints are very strong and usually last as long as the wood.

The window seat I am building for Howard and Dot has a bench with mighty tenons on each end. The tenons will fit into the 2 backs and will hold everything together. These tenons are 6 inches and 7 inches wide, 2 1/4 inches thick and 10 inches long. BIG & STRONG

Photos to follow…

It was awesome to fit the first 2 piece together. Snug & strong.