Biggest & Smallest Projects

Rich Kramer, Handyman & Woodworker
Licensed and Insured

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Wood Is Good has been operating for 5 years. Here are different types of projects I've done:

Biggest Project:

Rebuilding sections of a 2 story wall that was damaged by a fire in the brick fireplace.
It was a 150 year old house in Princeton. with old studs of different sizes and angles.

I tore down the damaged walls both inside and out and rebuilt them completely, working around the brick fireplace & chimney.

While the walls were open a subcontractor filled them with sprayed foam insulation.

The photos show the before & after

Smallest Project:

Repairing a particleboard bed frame with epoxy and metal brackets.

Most Impressive Project:

Repairing and restoring wooden columns and trim on a Camrbidge mansion.
For the past 2 years I've been inspecting the dozens of feet of ornate railings, balusters and columns that surround a mansion in Cambridge.